Our Story

Growing up in a picture perfect village, on the edge of the river avon, Victoria’s childhood was spent outdoors, absorbing the beauty of the British countryside.

The start of Victoria’s career in jewellery took her to a very different place – the urban glamour of St. James’s and vintage Cartier. Her path from there took her to Bond Street with Cartier and Boucheron, finally helping to launch Harry Winston, London, before returning to St. James’s to manage Verdura, UK. During this period Victoria also graduated from the Gemmological Institute of America, as a diamond grader.

Throughout her experience at some of the world’s leading jewellery houses Victoria came to appreciate the potential for fine jewellery to evoke different worlds, different places and different times, a fantastic ability that pulls on the emotions. However, the natural world had not lost its hold on her. Victoria and her vision for her own jewellery collection was starting to crystallise and in 2009 she launched Victoria Tryon.

Victoria aims to create unique and engaging pieces that each have a story to tell. On the one hand, her design philosophy is inspired by the simple elegance of colours forms and textures of the natural world. On the other hand, the brand draws on a skilled use of precious stones, classical techniques and luxurious materials to fuel the imagination – evoking exotic opulence and glamour. In this juxtaposition Victoria has created a brand that expresses all that she loves about fine jewellery. She hopes that you will love it in equal measure.

Victoria was nominated for the Bright Young Gems Awards in 2010, an initiative that aims to identify the jewellery industry’s fastest rising stars. She is currently absorbed in creating her latest collections and applying the finishing touches to bespoke projects.